The full back catalog of Beatles music is now available digitally for the first time on iTunes.

Yep… it was the Beatles. Apple just revealed that the surprise they’ve been teasing Website visitors with since yesterday was indeed the addition of the full back catalog of Beatles music to the iTunes store. Available titles include individual albums, box sets, videos and a highlight reel. Check out iTunes today and you’ll have a hard time missing the Beatles material splashed all over the iTunes Store page.

I haven’t heard anything yet about what type of legal gridlock was broken to allow this big event to happen, but it should be an interesting read when the information starts to leak out. The divide between Apple Computer and Apple Records has involved everything from spats over the similarities of their logos to Michael Jackson being in control of the catalog, so who knows. Either way, the Beatles catalog now being available digitally for people who haven’t ripped their CDs into iTunes already is a great development. I’ve run into a few youngsters recently who have never listened to the Beatles, so hopefully they’ll get a few new fans. You’ll be hard pressed to find better music.

Just for the record… I agree with everyone else that this was mildly anti-climactic. Very nice that people will be able to buy it, but hard to say if it’s really earth shattering news.