Apple released updates for all three of it's iPad productivity apps today.

Just a quick heads up that Apple has released updates for all three of its iWork productivity apps for the iPad. There are a ton of updates under each app, but some highlights that I noticed right off the bat:

  • Numbers can now export directly to Microsoft’s XLS format.
  • Keynote can now export directly to Microsoft’s PPT format.
  • You can now copy documents between all three apps and your MobileMe iDisk and WebDAV accounts.
  • Lots of improved formatting functions in Pages including more reliable font matching when importing Word documents.
  • The ability import and export existing footnotes, endnotes, sections and tables of contents in Pages.
  • The ability to group and ungroup objects in all three apps.
  • New build animations in Keynote.
  • The ability to add animated builds to grouped objects in Keynote.
  • Improved handling of tables.

Definitely looks like Apple was listening to customers on a lot of these requests. Many were surprised that the initial releases didn’t include things like the ability to export spreadsheets to Excel, but now we have it.