Yep... I was wrong.

Recently I reviewed two separate products from Twelve South, the BassJump Portable Subwoofer and the BookBook iPad Case. I make it a point whenever I review a product to actually spend time with it, usually at least a few weeks, so that I can offer a truly educated opinion on the quality and usefulness of a product instead of simply taking it out of the box and giving you my first impressions. Well, in the case of the two Twelve South products, I’ve continued to use them since releasing my reviews and I’ve come to a realization. I was wrong about both of them…

In the case of the BassJump, I gave the pint-sized subwoofer an overall positive review but mentioned at one point that I would probably stop short of saying they’d be useful for a professional working on audio production. While I still believe a set of studio monitors would be better, I’ve realized over time that my statement probably sells the BassJump a little short. The sound that this little guy pumps out is nothing short of incredible. A drastic improvement over a MacBook’s built-in speakers. Especially when you consider the cost of a BassJump compared to a set of good quality speakers, it’s a great buy. Therefore, I’m changing my review of the BassJump from a thumbs up to a ::serious:: thumbs up.

When I reviewed the BookBook iPad case, I found it difficult not to compare it to the DODOcase – especially since I had been very disappointed by the DODO. Most of my opinions about the BookBook remain unchanged. It’s still a very well made case that offers excellent protection, very cool styling and draws comments whenever anyone finally realizes it’s not actually an old book.

One of the drawbacks that I noted in my original review, however, was that because of the thickness at the open ends of the case, the BookBook doesn’t provide very much of an inclined angle for resting the iPad on your lap or a tabletop in order to type. It didn’t seem like a big issue to me at the time, but the more I used the BookBook the more annoying it became. After a few weeks of having to hold my arms up off the surface of the table and iPad in order to type and still finding the ergonomics clumsy, I found myself wishing that I could just go back to my Apple-branded case. I held off for a long time telling myself that the BookBook offered better protection and was just more cool. I finally broke down a few days ago though, and now have a newfound appreciation for my Apple case. It’s thinner, lighter, I don’t have to constantly push the iPad back into the holders and most of all… it’s way easier to type. BookBook is still a nice case, but for me… Apple wins.