Someone let the cat out of the bag...

You have to feel sorry for the administrators of Apple’s Support Forums. The Back To Mac event is schedule to start in just a few hours, at which Apple is expected to announce an update to Mac OSX called “Lion.” However someone preparing updates for the support forums inadvertently let the proverbial cat out of the bag about a few other product announcements that I’m sure Steve Jobs would have preferred to keep a secret.

Using a little clever extrapolation, the Polish blog was able to uncover a few newly created sections in the support forums on Apple’s website that appear to be dedicated to products that are expected to be announced at today’s Back To Mac event.

Among the new sections are areas dedicated to iMovie, GarageBand and iPhoto ’11. Woo hoo! No details yet on what upgrades are in store for the packages, but the iLife package hasn’t gotten a facelift since 2009 so any improvements will be welcome as long as they don’t remove current functionality, as has happened occasionally in the past. Personally, I’m also hopeful that they will announce some sort of iLife package for iOS devices. iPhone 4 owners already have access to iMovie, of course, but it would be great to round that out with some music creation and Apple branded photo manipulation apps.

Also significant is that there don’t appear to be new forums created for iWeb or iDVD. It’s long been rumored that iDVD would be dropped from the lineup and iWeb would, at the very least, be overhauled.

There’s another forum in the mix now simply called “MBA (Need official name),” that certainly lends credence to the rumor that we’ll be hearing about new MacBook Air models today. It will be interesting to see how Steve Jobs positions the MacBook Air compared to the iPad, as I think they both fall into a middle ground between full on notebook computers and phones.

Either way, we won’t have long to wait. We should have official word later today.