The new Apple TV was the last piece of the puzzle in my decision to pull the plug on cable TV.

Today is the first day of a bold new experiment in the Big Geek household. We unplugged the cable box from the TV and are going to rely entirely on streaming content from the Internet for our televised entertainment. What made us pull the plug? Apple TV

It’s burned me up for years that I’ve been paying $140 a month for Internet and TV. It’s become especially frustrating over the last few months because the list of shows I watch has shrunk and with the advent of the Netflix Instant Queue and Hulu I watch most TV content online and on my own schedule. I have been watching Netflix via my computer and Xbox 360 (until the piece of crap went tets up…) and more recently I have been streaming via the Wii, iPad and iPhone. The Instant Queue catalog was never enough to make me consider getting rid of cable though.

When Hulu rolled out allowing you to watch full episodes the day after first airing, along with a bunch of classic TV and movie content, the wheels started turning in my head. Although you could technically get Hulu onto a TV via Boxee, the connection was complicated and Boxee’s commitment to Hulu was too tenuous for me to go through the trouble and expense of buying the original Apple TV.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Steve Jobs announced the new Apple TV. It supports Netflix right out of the box, you can access all your iTunes content including new 99 cent TV rentals and the price of the Apple TV itself was slashed to $99.


It was still a little weird today when I unplugged the cable box and hauled it back to the cable company, but my monthly TV/Internet expense just dropped from $160 a month to only $65 a month. For that I get high speed Internet, one DVD at a time and unlimited streaming from Netflix plus a subscription to Hulu Plus. It’s the perfect nexus of devices and content and, you know… I’m actually looking forward to watching less TV. The new rule is going to be quality not quantity. My biggest hope at this point is that, with the iOS-like operating system on the Apple TV, that it won’t be long before the device will have its own App Store and that Hulu will make an appearance. If it does, it’ll be an unbeatable option.