Positive Grid's popular guitar amp modeling and creation software BIAS is now available for iPhone.

Positive Grid’s popular guitar amp modeling and creation software BIAS is now available for iPhone.

Positive Grid, the team behind the popular iOS guitar amp and effects simulator JamUp, today released an iPhone version of their amazing amp simulation and tweaking app BIAS. Previously only available on the iPad, the app translates very well to the iPhone’s smaller screen and gives guitar players an even more portable way to get high quality amp tones tweaked to their exact tastes.

BIAS has been available for the iPad for three months and allows users to go beyond mere simulation. Billed by Positive Grid as an amplifier modeler and designer, BIAS allows users to start with a stable of 36 factory authentic amp models — 28 guitar, four bass and four keyboard/vocal. From there, users can modify the amp’s tone by digging into the components of the amp and changing each individual component of the amp’s circuitry. Preamps, tone stacks, power amps, transformers, cabinets, panel controls and even mic selection and placement are all fully customizable.

I was immediately impressed when I plugged into the iPhone version. I’m not a high-gain player, so my first step was to turn off the noise gate. As soon as I did that, and before I even started to play, I was met with a sound that was warm, natural and immediately recognizable as the amp I was going after. In this case, the ’67 Dumble Clean which is by far my favorite off the shelf amp.

The app comes with a built in room simulator to add depth and natural ambience. Think of it as a nice natural reverb to give you a very realistic ambient sound even though you’re likely going to be listening through earphones.

Within the app itself, you have the ability to save a virtually unlimited number of custom amps you create yourself and you have slots to store and quickly recall up to eight favorites with just one tap. But the fun doesn’t stop there. BIAS offers options that extend beyond the app.

Both the iPhone and iPad versions of BIAS now connect to ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s cloud-based amp sharing social platform. Users are able to create and share their own custom amp creations with fellow musicians as well as download, like and comment on the creations of others.

And within the environment of your own phone, BIAS integrates seamlessly with Positive Grid’s JamUp Pro XT. You can create an amp in BIAS and then, with one tap, open that same amp in JamUp so you can add effects pedals or take advantage of JamUp’s 8-track recorder, looper and jam along functions. The only thing that disappointed me at first was that the room simulator effect does not carry over to JamUp, so be prepared to put a reverb pedal at the end of your signal chain and tweak it to your liking to get a nice natural sound.

Sounds from BIAS can also be sent to other DAW apps on iOS, such as Apple’s GarageBand, via Inter-App Audio and Audiobus.

BIAS for iPhone is available now on the App Store with a special introductory price of $4.99. The regular price will be $9.99, so it’s definitely worth grabbing now while it’s on sale. The app is designed for iOS 7 and will work on iPhone 4S and up or iPod Touch 5 and up. I tested it on an iPhone 5S and it works brilliantly.