OnSong is free between now and February 4th

If you’re a musician and you have hopes of using your iPad as a prompter while playing live or even just while rehearsing, you’ve got a great opportunity because the developer of OnSong for iOS is giving away his universal lead sheet organizer app free between now and February 4th as a way of giving thanks for a bit of divine providence in his own life. The app is normally $4.99, so it’s a great opportunity. I’ve tested a whole slew of music display and performance apps and haven’t found one better.

I’ll be doing a full video review of OnSong soon, because I’ve been using it to organize the music for a worship group that I direct for several months now. Really quickly, some of the main features of OnSong are:

  • Store huge collections of chord sheets and organize them into books of categorized songs and create set lists for specific performances.
  • Song entry is simple using a built in editor within the app to enter in lyrics and chords within brackets inline with the song that result in nicely formatted lead sheets.
  • You can also import songs directly from the Internet from sites like ultimate-guitar.com or you can import them directly using iTunes file sharing. The app can also import and display text formatted tablature files, but it really shines as a nicely formatted lead sheet generator.
  • Once you have a song in your library, tools within OnSong let you transpose the song easily to any key or apply capo changes.
  • An Auto Scroll feature lets you perform songs hands-free. If your song is longer than a single page, the app will scroll through the length of it slowly based on a song duration you set.

Playing tools are just the beginning because the app is packed with advanced features:

  • Click on a chord in any song and a chord dictionary pops up showing you options for playing that specific chord on a whole range of insturments – guitar, piano, bass, banjo and even mandolin.
  • Enter a tempo for your song and the app plays a click track with both audible and visual cues to keep you on the beat.
  • Label the sections of your song (verse 1, chorus, bridge, etc.) and the app lets you quickly rearrange the sections for custom arrangements without having to manually cut and paste and without destroying the original layout.
  • Need a reminder about how to handle a particular section of a song? Pop a Post-It-style note at that spot in the lead sheet.
  • Share individual songs or entire set lists with your band mates – wirelessly, if they use another iOS device, or via email in the form of perfectly formatted chord or lyric sheets.
  • Leading a congregation? Plug your iPad into a projector and OnSong outputs a beautifully formatted display of just the lyrics to the song you’re playing.
  • Play songs from your iTunes library within the app if you need a quick refresher on how that bridge is supposed to go…

Grab it for free on iTunes now and be sure to check back here soon for tips on how to unlock the advanced features of the app.