Line 6 is releasing new hardware and software for iOS guitarists that promises to bring the venerable POD experience to your iPhone or iPad.

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This should be interesting… Arguably the master of simulated amp and effect solutions, Line 6 has announced that they will soon release both a guitar to iPhone/iPad interface and a free app that promises to bring POD tones to iOS.

Mobile In is a digital input adaptor that claims to deliver pro-quality audio specs. Line 6 says it’s capable of up to 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio and its guitar input features 110 dB dynamic range. I haven’t played with one yet, but I do expect the quality of the sound will be quite good. Part of the reason is that, similar to the GuitarJack from Sonoma Wire Works, the Mobile In plugs into the 30-pin dock connector on the iPad or iPhone and not the headphone jack. In addition to the 1/4″ guitar jack, the Mobile In also sports a 1/8″ line in so you can feed other audio sources in as well. In addition to their app, Mobile In will also work to get your guitar signal into Apple’s own Garage Band app and, presumably, other simulation apps as well. Don’t quote me on that last part though because the only one that Line 6 mentions specifically is Garage Band.

Mobile POD will feature 64 Line 6 models of “amps, stompbox effects, speaker cabinets and more.” My guess is that the “more” probably means microphone simulations. The promotional material indicates that it comes with a number of included models, so that probably means they’ll follow the same plan as other guitar apps and give you a few basic amps and effects free with the app and then have other options available as in-app purchases. Mobile POD also features the standard tuner function and the ability to play along with your music library. No mention yet of recording capabilities like other simulator apps such as AmpKit or Amplitube.

What’s really interesting is that Line 6 says that users will be able to tap into a library of more than 10,000 presets created by artists, Line 6 and other users. Hopefully they’ve engineered a way to sift through the chaff which is undoubtably present in that 10,000 if most of them are submitted by users, but still… that’ll be a really nice resource.

Line 6 hasn’t announced when the hardware or software will be available, but they are starting to promote it on their Website and in emails, so hopefully it will be soon.