The iKlip from IK Multimedia attaches your iPad to a standard microphone stand.

The iKlip is a new iPad accessory from IK Multimedia that allows you to mount your iPad directly on a microphone stand. This is obviously a great option for musicians who are using iPad apps like OnSong, TabToolkit, GuitarToolkit or a guitar interface like Amplitube or AmpKit.

I have been taking my iPad with me for rehearsals and performances of a church music group I direct and, so far, I’ve just been propping it on an old fashioned music stand. I’ll admit that setup has made me a little nervous because it puts my $500 nerve center up just a little too high off the ground on a platform which is a little too likely to topple over if another musician (or I) bump into it or wrap a cord around the base. The iKlip certainly looks like it will hold the iPad securely in the spider-like fingers, but I’ll have to play with one in person to find out how it effects the balance of a typical mic stand and whether it will make me just as nervous. I plan to  test one out, so I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve had a chance to play with it a bit.

Pre-orders are available now from the IK Multimedia Website, with shipment starting in December. The iPad holder retails for U.S. $39.99.

Here are the specs:

  • Sturdy, durable thermoplastic construction with six secure touch points holds the iPad without scratching or marring it
  • Universal stand clip securely attaches to virtually any microphone stand
  • Multi-angle adjustment allows precise positioning for optimal stage or studio viewing
  • Quick-snap clips provide fast, secure iPad insertion
  • Fast installation — iKlip installs on mic stand in seconds with the twist of a knob
  • All controls, buttons and connectors are accessible when the iPad is clipped into iKlip
  • Multi-mount design provides both landscape and portrait orientation of the iPad
  • Can be mounted on the vertical part of a mic stand, or on a horizontal boom for limitless positioning
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy

IK’s press release indicates that the iKlip will be available directly from their Website and also from electronic retailers worldwide.