A few months ago we made the decision to shut off our cable service. It was getting way too expensive and I was already finding that most of my TV watching was happening online and on demand. A big part of that online entertainment has been Hulu. Hulu has been available as a strictly Web-based service for quite a while, but a few months ago they launched a service called Hulu Plus that brought a lot of Hulu’s desktop content to mobile devices. I’ve been using the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch apps since they launched and the service has been great. The quality of the video, even over spotty 3G service is quite good. My only gripe so far is that not all of the content available on the Hulu Website is available on Hulu Plus. There seems to be some issue with content providers approving content for delivery on mobile devices, but I’m hoping that the catalog continues to expand. I certainly found it was worth the $9.99/month they charged during the preview period.

They just moved the program out of that preview phase and lowered the price to $7.99/month. If you were a subscriber during the preview period, Hulu is refunding $2 for each month you paid at the higher price. How cool is that?

They’ve also announced that Hulu Plus is coming to more platforms. You can watch on your computer, iPhone/iPad, PS3, Roku Box, a handful of app enabled TVs and Blu Ray players and they have announced that the service will soon roll out on Xbox 360. The biggest thing I’d like to see them add to the iPhone/iPad apps is the ability to output video to a TV like you can with Netflix.

If you’re interested in signing up for Hulu, I definitely recommend it. Click on This Link to sign up and you’ll get two free weeks of service. I’ll get a free week if you sign up too, so thank you in advance…