Is the newly updated Facebook app causing problems on the iPhone?

For the last two days I have been noticing pretty severe battery drain in my iPhone 4. It culminated today with the battery being almost completely depleted over a period of about five hours during which there were no phone calls. Restarting the phone doesn’t seem to make a difference and I am not seeing any other unusual activity in terms of Wi-Fi or obviously out of control apps.

My prime suspect right now is the freshly updated Facebook app for iPhone. It was just updated a few days ago to add functionality for the new Places feature. Since that update, I have experienced frequent app crashes, usually when I am clicking on messages in my inbox. My guess is that there is a problem in the app somewhere and that either GPS activity is running out of control or the app simply isn’t releasing resources when it crashes or is closed.

I have added a few other apps and updates within the past few days, but Facebook is the only one that I have noticed having other problems. Phone Is charging now. I plan to see how it goes after this charge. If it drains quickly again, I plan to uninstall Facebook for a while.

Update: Still haven’t determined the exact cause of the battery drain. It hasn’t run down quite as quickly over the last few days, but I have been fastidious about quitting apps within the multi-task system when I am done with them. Facebook app still crashes often though. Also keep an eye out if you have the mobile version of Twitter loaded in Safari. I suspect some component on that page also refreshes automatically and probably keeps the Wi-Fi service active.