Today’s review is another excellent product from the design-minded folks at Twelve South. As its name implies, the BookBook case transforms your iPad into a classic looking leather bound book.

The exterior of the case features a real leather hardbound cover complete with embossed details and a distressed surface natural enough to allow the case to blend in on any bookshelf. A zipper with nice leather pulls holds the case shut.

Inside, the iPad is held in place by a combination of two leather keepers at the bottom corners and an elastic band across the top. The interior of the case is lined with a thickly padded faux leather material.

Like other iPad cases, the BookBook folds back on itself allowing the iPad to be propped up in either landscape or portrait position. Clever use of a leather cord that can be wrapped around the back of the case and fastened around a leather button on the opposite inside cover allows you to adjust the angle of the case when it’s being used as a stand.

Because they have both gone after a kind of classic book design, obvious comparisons can be drawn between the BookBook and the DODOcase that I reviewed previously. While I felt the DODOcase lacked in terms of durability and the ability to actually hold the iPad in place, the BookBook provides a much better level of protection thanks to the hard leather case, thick padding and a more robust fastening system to hold the iPad in place.

I only really have two concerns about the BookBook. One is the zipper. I tend to have bad luck with zippers breaking and the way the zipper pulls get stretched out when you fold the case back on itself is a little disconcerting. The second is really just a minor annoyance, but if Twelve South is listening, I’d recommend moving the elastic band just a little bit farther away from the viewable area of the iPad. It’s obviously engineered very precisely now to sit right at the edge of the iPad’s screen. If the iPad or the elastic band shift even slightly, it covers the screen so I find myself pushing it back a lot.

All in all, however… the BookBook is a great case if you’re looking for solid protection and aren’t willing to sacrifice a bit of style. The BookBook is available on Twelve South’s Website for $69.99 in a choice of two different colors. And if you like the style, you can add to your library because they also make a BookBook Case for MacBook.