welcomeAfter a long work-induced hiatus… I’m happy to say that I am back and will be continuing to review great iOS products made for recording and creating music!

It’s a great time for it too. People seem to have finally gotten over the prejudice that iPads (and even iPhones) are only useful for consuming media and not creating it. Our devices and the apps being created for them are getting more and more powerful all the time. Artists are opening up and creating whole albums, videos and supporting other supporting material using only their iOS devices. Accessory manufacturers are responding in kind.

Some of the most impressive sounding microphones I’ve heard in recent months have been ones designed specifically for recording on iOS devices. The Spark Digital from Blue Microphones is probably the best example. They’re even making what they call adaptive microphones, being billed as the modern point and shoot camera of the microphone world, that take most of the guesswork out of recording setup. Pop filters are built in, de-essing happens onboard the microphone before the signal even gets to your DAW and built in shock mounts make it so you don’t have to do anything more than plug in before you record anything from a podcast to your virtuoso guitar performance.

Stay tuned to both this site and my YouTube channel as I already have products lined up to review. I can’t wait to share with you and hope to continue to get great feedback from you as things ramp back up again.

Best regards,