Claiming your free iPhone 4 case from Apple is easy, but do it quick before the program ends on Sept. 30th.

Just a quick reminder that if you own an iPhone 4 and you haven’t already requested your free case from Apple, you only have about two more weeks to do so. The free case program officially ends on September 30th.

Requesting a case is easy, you download Apple’s iPhone 4 Case Program app from the App Store so that it can verify you have a qualifying device and then select the type of case you’d like them to send you. There are a number of options, but I went with Apple’s own Bumper case. I was initially skeptical that I would like the case, as I really like the uncovered design of the iPhone 4. It’s grown on me though. That plus the fact that a friend managed to break both the front and back of his iPhone 4 within a few days of picking it up convinced me that it was worth covering up the sleek metal band. The only real issues I’ve had with the Bumper are that some headphone plugs won’t fit properly and my big fingers have trouble flipping the ringer switch on and off.

Bottom line, whether you were one of the few people claiming trouble with the antenna design or not… why not take advantage of Apple’s generosity and pick out a nice new case on their dime?