Apple just posted a teaser graphic on their front page indicating that there is going to be a big iTunes announcement tomorrow. I haven’t got a clue what it might be, but I suspect the most likely candidate is that they¬†will be introducing the option of cloud-based content. This would mean that you could upload all your music, and possibly video, content to a cloud-based service and then have ready access to it via any desktop or iOS enabled devices. Apple has been setting up a huge server farm in the Carolinas, which would be a logical piece for this type of media delivery.

What else could it be?

  • iOS 4.2? Unlikely, since they’re definitely framing this as an iTunes event. I suspect we’ll see 4.2 within the next few days though.
  • Beatles content via iTunes? Possibly… this rumor is just about as persistent as Verizon getting the iPhone.

Any other ideas? Leave a comment below.