The announcements are still being made as I write, but a version of GarageBand will be available for the iPad to coincide with the release of the new iPad 2.

GarageBand for the iPad will feature:

  • Touch instruments – grand piano, organ, guitars, drums, etc.
  • Keyboards use the accelerometer to allow for dynamics. Tap softly… play softly
  • Plug in your own instrument (through an appropriate interface, I’m assuming…)
  • Guitar amps and effects, just like its big brother
  • 8-track recording!!!
  • 250+ loops
  • Ability to share compositions via email using AAC format

The app will be available March 11th for $4.99 in the app store. I haven’t heard any mention of compatibility yet, so I’m assuming that this app will work on the original iPad as well as the iPad 2. I can’t wait…

Find out more on Apple’s Website.