The AmpKit LiNK from Agile Partners & Peavey Electronics

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When it rains it pours… Several different biggies in the field of guitar gear, modeling and software have released interfaces that let you plug your guitar or bass into your iPhone or iPad. There is one in particular that really stands out from the crowd. That is the combination of AmpKit from Agile Partners, developers of the popular GuitarToolkit and TabToolkit apps, and the AmpKit LiNK interface hardware from Peavey Electronics.

The hardware part of the equation differentiates itself from competitors such as the iRig from IK Multimedia by providing a battery powered device. The design helps to avoid signal interference between the guitar and headphone inputs that really take away from the sound quality of other unpowered devices.

Agile’s AmpKit application offers up a huge range of amp, cabinet, pedal and microphone selections and boasts a very clean user interface. While other guitar modeling apps limit you to three or four pedals in your signal chain, AmpKit allows you to string together at least 11 or 12 pedals. A developer from agile told me that the iPhone 4’s processor can handle at least that many without any difficulty.

Perhaps the best part is that you can also record what you are playing right in the app. And not only that, but the app simultaneously records both the live performance complete with all the amp and effect settings intact AND the dry guitar signal. This allows you to go back after the fact and tweak your amp and effect settings until you get exactly the sound you want. When you are done you can export the song via email or Wi-Fi so that you dan share it with others or continue to edit it on your desktop computer.

A few other goodies such as the ability to import and play along with backing tracks plus a tuner and metronome make AmpKit a really valuable tool for any iPhone toting guitarist.

AmpKit is available in the App Store as both a free app and as a paid app for $19.99. An in-app Gear Store available in both versions lets you round out your amp and gear selections.

Peavey’s AmKit LiNK hardware is available for purchase online for $39.99 and will eventually be available in stores.

Watch my in-depth review on YouTube