Now you can download artist presets directly into AmpKit.

Agile Partners added a new page to their website yesterday that offers artist presets for AmpKit, their popular amp and effects modeling app for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Artists such as Phil Collen from Def Leppard, Joel Kosche from Collective Soul and Peter Frampton have created setups using the AmpKit app and Agile is sharing them for free on this page.

Loading the setups is easy. Simply open the website on the iOS device where AmpKit is installed and click on the name of the setup you want to install. Safari will ask you if you want to open the downloaded file with AmpKit. Just select that option and the setup is added to the list under My Setups.

There’s a good variety of sounds on the page already. Presumably, Agile will add more over time. Right now the presets have all been created by artists that are working with Agile and endorsing AmpKit. I’d love to see a repository of setups for a wider range of artists. I’m sure that area gets sticky when it comes to licensing, but the capability is obviously there so I’m sure we’ll see it someday.