Agile is working to integrate the functions of their popular guitar apps, not only within their own stable of software but also with other 3rd party apps.

A thoughtful question about Agile’s AmpKit app from a commenter here on prompted a response directly from Agile’s public relations team. In case you don’t follow the comment threads here, the exciting bit of news that came out of this particular exchange is that Agile confirmed that they are working to integrate not only their own popular guitar iPhone apps, but are also considering ways that they might make it so apps like AmpKit and TabToolkit could work with virtually any iOS 4 apps.

They were careful to specify that the compatibility with 3rd party apps is only in the “might work” category at this stage, but it’s something they are aiming for.

Something that should be a little easier for them to accomplish would be the ability to integrate functions of their own apps. What this could mean is the ability to play your guitar through the amp and effects modelers of AmpKit while reading or jamming along with tablature files in TabToolkit, or being able to beef up your playing skills in style by playing through AmpKit while working through a lesson in their Guitar World Lick of the Day app. Oooo! And how cool would it be if the Lick of the Day lessons came with specific AmpKit presets appropriate for the style of music in the lick?